Brits in the Bay



Welcome to Brits in the Bay.

Where we live the American dream with a healthy dose of British cynicism.

Gypsy souls and creative capitalists alike. All are welcome here. Put down your tea, grab a coffee and come find your beat in the Bay.

The Story

After two and a half years living in rural Germany, our founder Alexis found herself looking for a home in the Bay.

She had become an Apple wife.

Suddenly she was navigating visas, school systems and the American property market, all while driving a giant 4Runner and hunting down the Bay’s best burrito bowl. The next Sunday, over pancakes, Brits in the Bay was born. 

The Mission

Our vision is to create a community.

Provide useful yet honest advice and resources.

And help fellow wanderers plant their roots in the Bay

—without sacrificing their sense of adventure. 

The Collective

Join us!

Come hang out in our Facebook group.

Share your Silicon Valley stories using #TheBayCollective on Instagram.

Or connect with us via email if you want to chat.

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