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Property of the Fortnight: Palo Alto Mission Revival

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For this edition of Property of the Fortnight, we headed over to the home of Facebook – Palo Alto. If it’s good enough for the Zuck, then it might be good enough for you guys. Now, we’ve yet to do a lot of exploring of Palo Alto but never fear, we have checked out breakfast eating and can definitely recommend Hobee’s and our trusty source, Meghann loves the downtown area, apart from the parking she’s not a fan of that!


The house we found is super duper special. Built in 1934, it is a Mission Revival style home and features not only an impressive 2,783 sq ft main house but a one bedroom, one bathroom 539 sq ft cottage in the garden. The house is filled with fantastic features from the minute you drive up to it. There are fruit trees, beautiful tiles and charming arched windows.

Palo Alto Mission Revival House front


Palo Alto Mission Revival Style Office

After you enter through the gorgeous door and entrance hall, you’ll find an absolutely perfect office space with a giant arch window so you can look out at a wall of green while you work. There is a front living room with another giant arched window overlooking the front garden and a fireplace with cute stone detailing. There is an arch through to the dining room which has patio doors out to the garden.


The kitchen is small and dated and for once I would actually agree with the tv shows and knock down a wall or two in here, as there is plenty of room to make a fantastic big kitchen and still keep a second living room to overlook the giant back garden. There is also a pantry area with sink and a downstairs loo, you might want to add some curtains in here though as for some reason the door is glass, but then again, maybe that’s your thing!

1930s lilac bathroom palo alto

 There are two good sized rooms with original 1930s built in storage features which were sooooo cool and surprisingly versatile. Poppy was very taken with the original 1930s lilac bath suite and I loved the tiling. The white paint would have to go as it’s just not working with the off white of the tiles but apart from that I would leave it exactly as it is, because it’s just adorable and who doesn’t like to find a bit of period charm in the States.

 Now, upstairs is where it gets really interesting! There are two staircases to get up there. One leads you up to the master bedroom and the other leads you up to the other “two” bedrooms. I’m using inverted commas as the first of them is more like a landing that has the required cupboards to make it a bedroom (In California for a room to be classed as a bedroom it has to have a closet). It is at the top of the stairs, and you need to walk through it to get to the second of the bedrooms. It definitely wouldn’t work as a bedroom for our kids, they’d escape in no time but for older kids it could be kinda like sharing but with a bit of separation. It certainly wouldn’t be a deal breaker for us anyway!

palo alto window seating area

The master bedroom has a lovely sitting area in the window, 2 good sized closets (one has a very intimidating safe in it, not sure if it comes with!)  and a huge bathroom with his-and-hers sinks, shower and what looks to be an original 70s Jacuzzi tub. The bathroom is fine, and has everything in it, but like the kitchen, you’d probably want to give it an update. The loo is separate and it’s worth noting as well that these are the only bathroom facilities up here, so while marketed as a master suite the bathroom is really a family bathroom.


Outside you have the separate one bed cottage, we weren’t able to take a peek inside as it’s currently tenanted but the agent told us that it has been well looked after as the current tenant is family. He is willing to stay or leave upon a sale. I believe he is currently paying a slightly reduced rent for the cottage, but the market rent would be $2,000 - $2,250 per month. Alternatively, you could use it for when family and friends come to visit and AirBnB it when it’s empty. Even with the cottage, the back garden is an impressive size and there is plenty of space for kids to run around or grown ups to have cocktails either on the deck, patio or lawn. The cottage has its own path and little fenced off part of the garden too so need to worry about fighting for sunbathing spots. I forgot to mention that there is a two-car garage attached to the main house as well.

Palo alto guest cottage garden


This beautiful house is on the market with DeLeon Realty at $3,600,000 and you can find it on their website. There are also open houses on this weekend 1.30 – 4.30 Saturday and Sunday so you can also just go check it out for yourself.