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Property of the Fortnight: Los Altos English Style

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Our tour of Los Altos gave us so many interesting houses to choose from, but we couldn’t resist sharing this one with you as it reminded me of the house my bestie grew up in a little village in Sussex only without the thatched roof. So, if you’re not quite ready to say goodbye to the dream of English village houses and their beautiful rose gardens, this could be the house for you, although it will set you back a fair bit, just shy of $5.3m to be precise.

Los Altos California


The house is located just down the road from the local elementary school, so you can keep up your English village fantasy by walking the little ones to school. The beautiful entrance arch to the garden is in fact roses and I can imagine some very Instagram worthy pics happening there when it’s in full bloom. It also provides some privacy for the house and makes the front garden a beautiful usable space. I can already picture Poppy stood there in her prom dress all ready to go, do you think I could use that for a Kickstarter campaign?


Los Altos Farmhouse Country Kitchen

The house has an amazing country style kitchen complete with both a copper sink and a Belfast sink which is handy as I’ve been struggling to decide for quite some time which I’d go for. There’s even a handy tap over the 6 burner gas range which I guess is for when you want to add water to your pots but could also come in handy if you have a tendency to set things on fire when you cook. Except if it’s a chip pan fire, never put water on a chip pan fire, yes I did do exceptionally well in the West Sussex fire brigade’s school quiz competition!

Laundry Room Storage Los Altos

Attached to the kitchen is a laundry room with pantry that has more storage than even I would know what to do with, and to think I’ve been spending so much time trying to cut down on stuff, when I should have been collecting it to go in my new house.


Los Altos family room
Family sized shower Los Altos

There are three reception rooms – a dining room with a great office set up on one wall, a family room with beautiful fireplace and another sitting room with fireplace, bar (nice not tacky) and a 150 bottle wine fridge. There’s vaulted ceilings, coving and French doors galore down here which together with the views of the beautiful gardens give lovely cozy character and charm.


Also on the ground floor is the master suite, and yes it really is a master suite - it takes up 571 sq ft, made up of a giant bedroom with fantastic corner window seat, two closets each the size of a small double in a UK house and a suitably impressive bathroom with giant shower and separate tub. Sam was rather impressed with the master bathroom, and is back on about family showers again.


Star wars sticker

There is a really nice, good sized guest room off the family room with full bathroom and closet. The closet comes complete with a sneaky Star Wars sticker which Poppy thoroughly enjoyed finding, so I'm guessing this has previously been used as a child's room, which is probably what we'd do as the master is downstairs too. We've found that houses in the Bay have a tendency to have a ginormous master suite on the ground floor and then all the kids rooms upstairs, which is great when they're older but not so good for little ones. This downstairs guest room is plenty big enough for the girls until they're big enough to go upstairs.


los altos childs crocodile room

Upstairs, had two further bedrooms, one with a crocodile that Kenna seemed a little unsure of and the perfect closet for either Harry Potter or a game of hide and seek, a pretty family bathroom and an office with really cute sliding doors, or pocket doors as they’re known here.

Outside, not only is there a beautiful garden filled with flowers, plants and trees, a hot tub and an impressive looking bbq, there is a five car detached garage, or 9 car according to Poppy, with a glassed in office/hobby room/gym. For some reason, I didn’t take a picture of this, but it was basically like walking into a very clean mechanic’s shop. If you’re into cars, motorbikes, bicycles or just a massive hoarder this place would be your dream come true, it’s bigger than a lot of apartments in this area.

los altos garden bbq
Fiesta Vallarta Burrito bowl los altos

So, I think that’s just about it for the house, which means I get to tell you about Los Altos. It’s a beautiful town between Cupertino and Mountain View with a population of around 30,000. Los Altos is one of the pricier towns in Silicon Valley due to its proximity to all the major tech companies, in fact according a Tribune Media report from January 2018 it is the fifth wealthiest city in the US. Whilst this means rather high house prices, it also means fantastic schools, a beautifully maintained downtown area, brilliant amenities, farmers markets, parades, festivals, galleries, boutiques and a fantastic Mexican restaurant called Fiesta Vallarta. I know schools and crime rates etc should be my primary focus when looking at places but what I actually look for is a place that does a good scramble, somewhere to get coffee (ideally a Philz) and a good burrito bowl, I generally figure everything else will sort itself out! Another piece of Los Altos trivia is that when it was participating in the Sister Cities program it had a sister city in the UK, and that sister city was Rustington in West Sussex, which is about a couple of miles from my friend’s childhood home. So, there you have it, it’s meant to be, I shall be sticking that on the Kickstarter too!

If you’d like further info on the house, please do take a peek at it’s very own site and get in touch with the lovely Kristi Foxgrover from Alain Pinel Realtors who is both incredibly knowledgeable and helpful.


And as there were so many great homes to look at in Los Altos, I’m going to treat you to another couple here:

Japanese craftsman Los Altos

A stunning 5 bedroom Japanese inspired craftsman house with loads of great features and some fantastic landscaping for $4,688,000. This one is just near the Los Altos Golf & Country Club and has a lovely 0.4 acre plot. It is on with DeLeon, who incidentally put on a cracking open house complete with a barista and music, and you can see the details here.





Los Altos New Construction

A cosy but impressive 4 bedroom newly constructed house in north Los Altos for $4,390,000. If modern is your thing, this house is going to wow you. It has all sorts of fancy features in the kitchen and a beautiful quartz island. The cabinets are solid and German but you may need to do some workouts at the gym to open the built in fridge! There is lovely modern fireplace and you can see out to the garden from most rooms. The house is up for sale with Anita Hunter from Alain Pinel Realtors and you can find it here.