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Dream Day in the Bay: Alexis

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To kick off the Dream Day in the Bay series I thought I would share my own personal dream day, but don’t worry, for later articles I will do my best to find someone more interesting to write about!

If you don’t already know, I’m a massive fan of breakfast, although my love of lie ins tends to make it closer to brunch o’clock! So, no dream day of mine could start without a trip to Holder’s Country Inn for the Chorizo Scramble and a never ending cup of black coffee. I’m generous though, so the kids can have my pancakes, nothing to do with the fact they’re not gluten free and I can’t eat them, honestly!

Holders Country Inn Chorizo Scramble

Of course, any good breakfast requires some serious walking off, so whilst I’m quite torn deciding between a country hike or a trip to the beach, given the size of portions and my inability to leave food on my plate even if they will quite happily box it up for you, I’d have to pick a country hike. My favourite hike so far has been Almaden Quicksilver County Park, it was a great mix of open and shaded, fantastic views, and some slightly more challenging bits to keep it interesting but all still very doable with the kiddlywinks (until one takes a tiny tumble but lands with a rock up their bum, but that’s a whole other story!).

Almaden Quicksilver County Park

I also love to sneak some Open Houses into my schedule whenever I can (check out Learn the Lingo: Accommodation Edition for more info on how these work) so I’ll definitely be fitting in a couple for my dream day. I’d like to say my obsession is so I can bring you guys all the latest info on the property market here, but it’s actually because I’m a nosey so and so who likes snooping round/judging houses.

All that eating, hiking and snooping is hungry work so it’s time for another meal and as calories don’t count on your dream day I’m off to indulge in my other American favourite – the burger and shake! There are so many amazing places to choose from, but my current venue of choice is the Diner of Los Gatos. Great food, cute surroundings, wonderful service, what more could you ask for. I’ll be going for a Brunch Burger (did I mention my love of breakfast?!) and a chocolate milkshake but the Hash Brown Benedict is also pretty awesome.

Diner of Los Gatos.jpg

As I’m now a little older than I once was, this will probably be the end of my day! Maybe some Luke Cage on Netflix after Poppy and Kenna are in bed if I’m still feeling moderately sociable or a bath with some vino if I’m feeling self-indulgent, we shall see!

What are your favourite spots in the Bay? Tag us on instagram using #TheBayCollective while you’re living your Dream Day in the Bay or drop us a message if you’d like to be featured in the series.