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Property of the Fortnight: Los Gatos Victoriana

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Firstly, I’d like to thank Sally from @fivegostateside for sending over this beauty for us to check out. I think we actually have a new favourite dream home, sorry Parker Ranch, but the world of dream property hunting is harsh!

This edition of Property of the Fortnight is going to be primarily photo based as there are just no words to properly describe this Los Gatos home. At a push I’d go with unique but beyond that, I’m flummoxed. To give you a quick run down on the basics it’s a 1910 3 storey Victorian house with a guest cottage at the bottom of the garden. So far so normal! There is nothing normal or cookie cutter about this house. It has been fantastically remodelled in a host of deep vibrant colours, fantastic wallpapers and there’s even custom tin ceilings in the kitchens. In other words, it’s a lot of people’s idea of hell but be still my hippy heart for I am in love!

Los Gatos Victorian House Porch.JPG
Los Gatos Victorian House Bathroom.JPG

Starting at the bottom of the house in the converted basement, you have two really good sized bedrooms, a large living space and a gorgeous bathroom which Poppy insists must stay the same colour. Sam was very impressed with the size of shower and commented that you could have family showers in it, I on the other hand noticed it was really good for shaving your legs, we clearly have very different thought processes! It’s also really lovely and cool down there and we designated it as our summer living/sleeping area. There’s access out to the garden from here and you have lovely views of the garden and the guest cottage.

Los Gatos Victorian Cooker.JPG


Up the spiral stairs to the ground floor and you have two beautiful front reception rooms, one with a cosy window seat area, a dining room, a downstairs loo with mini desk in just in case that's where you get inspired, a proper kitchen and a laundry room. The kitchen has the most amazing cooker I have seen in forever and a tin ceiling to die for. There's a big island with seating and plenty of storage


Los Gatos Victorian House Side Door.JPG

There’s a door out to the garden via the laundry room as well as a fancy side door that takes you to the drive and garage so you would probably end up using this as the front door. The actual front door is on the porch which is the perfect place to sit with your morning coffee and feel smug about your crazy house. It’s a lot of doors but when they’re done this fancy, the more the merrier! The garage has a sectioned off bit at the back that's used for extra storage.


Los Gatos Victorian House Bedroom.JPG

On the top floor you have what are technically three bedrooms, but one has been converted into a walk-in wardrobe/dressing room and who would want to get rid of that?! They’re fab, and Poppy has picked hers already, I'm guessing due to the colour and the pretty light fixture. These will obviously be our winter rooms though as we have our summer rooms down in the basement, everyone needs two bedrooms right?


Los Gatos Victorian House Guest Cottage.JPG

Outside you have a lovely sized garden, nothing massive but plenty of room for BBQs, some grass for playing and a giant tree for climbing, it is absolutely huge, although somehow Sam didn’t notice it at first, we’ll blame the heat and the carrying Kenna round. 

Then you also have the guest cottage/in-law or au pair suite/Brits in the Bay HQ. This is a lovely one bedroom little cottage coming in at 470 sq ft complete with living area, kitchen, bedroom, en suite bathroom and even a laundry room. It is currently rented out for $2000p/m but you could probably get more or you could use it for guests when they come to stay and stick it on Air BnB when it’s empty. The cottage has it’s own little bit of garden too, and a shed behind it for storing stuff. It’s done in the same style outside as the main house but is a little (a lot) plainer inside, it does have the tin ceiling in the kitchen though.

Diner of Los Gatos.jpg

The house is within walking distance of Los Gatos town centre and the all the wonderful things it has to offer, think coffee, wine, food, parks, yoga, and even the Diner of Los Gatos as featured in my Dream Day in the Bay. Los Gatos also has great access to Highway 17 which takes you straight down to Santa Cruz where you can either head to the Boardwalk or catch Highway 1 down to Capitola, Monterey and the Big Sur.


Los Gatos Victorian House with Alexis.JPG

For more details on the house, or if you’d like to purchase it for Brits in the Bay HQ (see how well it suits me!!) you can either have a look on Zillow or head over to the wonderful Chaya Shakar’s realty site. There are open houses on in the afternoons at the weekends and it’s definitely worth a look even if just to marvel at the owner’s amazing collections. And pricewise, it’s on for $2,988,000. And if you do decide to go to an Open House, don’t forget to check out our Learn the Lingo: Accommodation Edition before you go to make sure you’re speaking the same language!

Also, be like Sally, send us any interesting houses you find and we will do our best to go check them out for you.