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Property of the Fortnight: Templeton Court

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I have finally been for a nosey round a real Eichler home! For those of you not already here in the Bay you will probably have absolutely no idea what an Eichler home is, or at least I didn’t before I arrived as they certainly haven’t appeared on Location, Location, Location. To my British eyes, these look like overgrown sheds but boy are they something else.

Eichler Home Sunnyvale Exterior.jpg

You can find them throughout Northern and Southern California and they were built by Joseph Eichler between 1949 and 1966, and are the height of mid-century modern style, or for the Brits 50s/60s style (mid-century modern sounds so much cooler and less like what your gran has, right?!). Interestingly Eichler wasn’t actually an architect or a designer, he was a businessman in his family’s dairy business before turning property developer. Inspired by a Frank Lloyd Wright home he’d lived in here in Cali, he hired local modernist architects to bring mid-century modern to the masses. Eichler homes are inspired by nature, using local materials and blending the inside with the outside through the use of floor-to-ceiling windows.

Eichler Home Sunnyvale Floor to Ceiling Windows.jpg

Right, I think that’s enough of an architectural history lesson for one article, who wants to see the one I found?? Me, me, I hear you shout! So, here goes, Templeton Court is a cute little cul de sac featuring a few similar low impact homes giving this little part of Sunnyvale a really traditional feel without any of the McMansions and cookie cutter homes you often see about. The house itself was built in 1959 and has been fully modernised whilst carefully retaining all the original Eichler charm. It has some fantastic pops of colour on the exterior and coming through the atrium feels like you’re entering your own little private paradise. The floor to ceiling windows have been upgraded with double glazing to up the energy efficiency but they’re still there allowing you to feel outside from nearly every room. The kitchen is large and spacious for the size of the home and there is lovely brick fireplace in the living room. Outside, there is a reasonable sized garden which even has a few raised beds for veggie growing and a shed. Not sure I’ve ever seen a shed here before, Sam and Poppy were desperate to get in it, but, alas it was locked!

Eichler Home Sunnyvale Atrium.jpg

Sunnyvale is a great place to live in the Bay Area with a cute downtown area and Caltrain stop for getting into San Fran, good access to various Apple buildings, a Google office and a multitude of other tech companies. The house is very close to Las Palmas park which has two great kids’ play areas and a nice big dog park too. The schools are fab, of course, and the library is pretty awesome too with a full program for kids and adults.

Las Palmas Park Sunnyvale.jpg

The house is up for grabs at $2,199,000 which is apparently a steal as it’s rare to find real Eichler homes that have already been renovated. The listing agents are The Erdal Swartz Team and you can see the full listing including video tour on their website.

If you come across any interesting, unique, or just plain weird properties in the Bay let me know, I'd love to feature them! Also, don’t forget to tag us in your pics if you go out Open Housing using #TheBayCollective