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Best of the Bay: Rubio's Coastal Grill

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When the power’s out, you lunch!

Power cuts have been quite a feature of Bay living. I don’t know if we’ve been unlucky or it’s just a part of living here and all the construction that goes on, but we have had several power cuts in the 9 months we’ve lived here. And besides the annoyance of the wifi going out and having to go round the house resetting what feels like a gazillion clocks, it quite often means having to run out the house to try and find lunch with a wee hungry Kenna in tow.

On my latest power cut lunch dash we tried out Rubio’s Coastal Grill in West San Jose. Rubio’s is a San Diego based chain that has being going since 1983 and serves responsibly sourced grilled seafood options along with steak and all natural chicken raised without antibiotics, served in tacos, salads, bowls, and burritos. 


The website for Rubio’s is fantastic with loads of info, including an Interactive Nutrition Menu which allows you to view a personalized menu based on your dietary restrictions and preferences. As I’m sure any of you other dietarily restricted folks can believe this felt like a godsend and I was just a little bit excited for my visit (ok maybe kinda squealing excited!).

I plumped for the mango avocado salad with seared shrimp. Spurred on by the amazing website’s seeming concern for my dietary needs, I attempted to confirm with the chap behind the counter that the meal was definitely gluten free, cue blank stare. He then tried asking his manager who shrugged and continued doing what she was doing. I took a risk an ordered anyway based on the info from the website, I was hungry and Kenna now needed her bum changed! The food tasted great, yummy flavours if a bit stingy on the rice & quinoa and the sliced avocado mysteriously turned into guacamole but I’m not one to ever complain about guac!! 


I am, however, one to complain about a lack of baby changing places!! Massive toilets and nowhere to change a baby, why?? You’re a casual family dining place why would you not have a changing station? Poor cute wriggly Kenna who’d already had her wifi cruelly turned off without warning by PG&E had to get changed on the floor, gross, and I won’t even mention my back… Rubio’s are not alone in this odd behaviour, In-n-Out Burger in Sunnyvale are guilty of this too. If little mom ‘n’ pop places can manage to have proper facilities, you can too, sort it out, rant over!  

Have you found any other family places with an odd lack of actual family facilities? Let me know either in the comments or take a pic and use #TheBayCollective  and #mumsforcleanbums to name and shame!

Brits in the Bay rating: 3/5